WordPress Hosting

Yongho Kim offers a website hosting service under the branding of AigoHost. For inquiries, please contact info@aigohost.org

What is included

  • WordPress installation and maintenance – including server troubleshooting and regular theme and plugin upgrades
  • New plugin or theme installation upon request; free installation of premium plugins and themes for a value of $200 per year; access to a server-wide shared pool of premium plugins and themes
  • 5 hours/year on assistance with implementation of new features or plugins and website troubleshooting
  • Domain name cost and management
  • Server side domain configuration
  • LetsEncrypt SSL

Creating content, updating, and designing the website is not part of the hosting service.

Given the structure of the setup, users do not have direct access to installing new plugins and themes – the initial installation must be done by Yongho Kim. Once installed, users can freely enable or disable the plugins and themes. All other WordPress functionality is directly available to users.


To open a new website, there is a $200 one-time charge for the setup work, in addition to a $300-$600 charge per year for the hosting. The $600/year Multiple Hosting option allows for up to 5 websites to be hosted.

  • $200 Initial setup
  • $300/year Single Website Hosting
  • $600/year Multiple Website Hosting


In the event of cancellation, you will receive a prorated refund of the annual hosting fee, equivalent to the number of remaining months in the plan. You will also receive the following within 30 days:

  • Instructions on domain name ownership handover (if applicable)
  • A package with all files needed for the new vendor to re-configure the website in a new server: WordPress’s default XML content export; Tarball file of the WordPress uploads folder; Theme configuration export file, if applicable

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open source website management software that powers more than 35% of websites in the world – everything from personal and organization websites, blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites are built with WordPress today.

Because it is so widely used, it is easy to find new hosting providers, designers or developers specialized in WordPress.

Server Load

Being hosted on AigoHost means that the website will be sharing space with a couple dozen other websites on a server computer. Because it is on its own virtualized Linux server, hosted websites have access to the full range of customization that WordPress offers such as the latest PHP upgrades or additional Apache modules.

Sharing space with only a couple dozen other sites, instead of thousands, means that the site will be much faster than more inexpensive hosting options. Specifically, AigoHost is a WordPress MultiSite installation on a VPS instance in a server provided by RimuHosting in Dallas, Texas. The WordPress MultiSite is the only software running on this VPS. As of 2020, AigoHost’s MultiSite contains 10 low traffic WordPress websites.

The RimuHosting server computer on which AigoHost’s VPS is hosted runs 15 other VPS instances, and is equipped with 2x Intel Xeon CPU E5-2630 v1 @ 2.30GHz; 94 GB RAM; 2 x 2TB WD Black+4 x 2TB WD RE; 610GB/1,830GB available on 2 drive software RAID for Host Data and Backups; 1,101GB/1,863GB available on 4 drive software RAID LVM for VM Data.